Is Counselling For Me?

Your mood and behaviours can often give you an indication as to how you are functioning on a psychological level. I work collaboratively with people experiencing a range of difficulties in life that have brought about feelings of distress and uneasiness. 

Living purposefully in the world requires you to take stock of yourself, your inner feelings and your roles within your life, your community, your work, family and relationships. Sometimes you might know the reasons behind what you are feeling or why you are behaving a certain way, other times it might take more work to determine what is going on for you at an emotional level.

Counselling can help you to deeply understand yourself and make changes in your emotional and practical life.

How Does Counselling Help?

I have specialist training, understanding and clinical experience in providing talking therapy to bring about  change and personal growth through our therapeutic relationship together.

I will provide  a confidential space and a relationship accepting, humorous and challenging enough that we can explore understand and wrestle with the underlying causes and maintenance of your distress.

Counselling can help you to feel deeply understood and the process of talking therapy can aid in you becoming clearer about your own feelings and where you want to be in your own life. This can result in your thoughts and feelings about yourself, experiences and others evolving and becoming more manageable and accepted by you. This process can also bring about change. Change looks different for everyone and depends on what your personal reason for seeking counselling but my clients have often reported the following changes:

  • Feeling clearer about thoughts, feelings, where they come from and what they mean
  • Feeling less anxious
  • Feeling less depressed/ suicidal
  • Being better equipped to cope with conflict
  • Being more confident and assertive
  • Being better equipped to manage and understand difficult behaviours such as self-harm, anger and aggression
  • Feeling more hopeful
  • Feeling more engaged & connected in meaningful relationships with others