My Approach

I’m trained in a therapeutic approach called Person Centred Counselling & Psychotherapy. This approach emerged from the client work and research of psychologist Dr Carl. R. Rogers.  

As your counsellor/psychotherapist I will:

  • Deeply respect you as a person and accept who you are right now – I believe that you know best what troubles/hurts/angers you. 
  • Believe that you have the capacity within you to start a process of understanding yourself. 
  • Value the relationship between us in counselling which is important in helping you understand and make sense of your feelings.
  • Commit to being my most honest and genuine self in all our interactions to create an therapeutic environment where real change may occur for you. 

If our work together requires it I may draw on other therapeutic modalities however as I believe you know yourself better than I ever could; I will not use techniques or strategies in our work together without you knowing and agreeing to them first.